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Marmot Help

Report a problem/Open a Support Ticket

Need to submit a problem to the helpdesk or check on the status in our ticket system? Each member library has at least one login to the ticket system. If you need another login, please contact the helpdesk.

Contact the Help Desk

If you are having problems with a Marmot maintained computer, the first step is to reboot your machine and see if that corrects the problem. We have found from experience that this fixes a majority of problems. If the problem persists, please look for a solution in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

If you are having problems and cannot find a solution in the FAQ, please report it to the Marmot Help Desk. We need to know what problems exist before we can find solutions to them. The sooner you call with the problem and the more detail you can give us, the more effective we can be at the Help Desk.

Please have the name of the computer ready when you call so that we can immediately start troubleshooting.

To contact the helpdesk, you can e-mail Marmothelp_at_marmot.org, call 970-242-3331 ext 0 (ext 9 after-hours), or submit a ticket to the Marmot Ticket System.

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